'Pokemon Go' is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

‘Pokemon Go’ is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

‘Pokemon Go’ is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

Last week, “Pokemon Go” has received a new update, bringing the radical changes and multiplayer battles expected long from the game.

These changes are only in time: While “Pokemon Go” is approaching its first anniversary, the first mega-hype about the game has almost disappeared. Make no mistake, there are still 65 million active players, including myself, but the game became vague for many – even the first “Pokemon Go” left the game due to the lack of new worlds to conquer.

Fortunately for everyone, the new versions are just what the doctor ordered. While I never stopped playing casually, I upgraded to the street again in my quest to catch them all.

After a year of even a multiplayer player, the new update actually makes “Pokémon Go” again – and paves the way for more interesting things.

The oldest form
The basics of “Pokemon Go” have not changed. Players explore the real world in search of Pokémon that can appear anywhere.

Along the way, players will find Pokestops that distribute useful items when walking near their location and gyms, guarded against the attack of the most powerful Pokémon of another player in a variant of King Hill.

The problem with the original installation is that it gets old quickly. Players soon discovered that only a few Pokémon – usually Dragonite, a rare dragon deviation – were, in fact, statistics needed to keep attackers from getting along in gymnastics.

In addition, players ran to inflate their collections with mega-powerful some copies of these Pokémon, and many choose to cheat to get the biggest and worst monsters.

The net result: players were forced to grind against the same handful of Pokemon for dinner, again and again, just to make a dent in the gym.

And even if they were somehow victorious, these hardcore players would déchausseraient quite instantly. It soon became apparent that it was not worth it, so many players did not get upset.

The new heat
Niantic, the developer of “Pokemon Go” took the time to implement these updates, but obviously they were well treated.

With this update, Pokémon placed in gyms loses “motivation” and thus more combat power is placed in a gym.

If the motivation reset button, the Pokemon is automatically ejected. Motivation can be restored by introducing berries each Pokémon to the gym regularly.

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