In new filing, Uber says it was unaware of Waymo data theft prior to lawsuit

In new filing, Uber says it was unaware of Waymo data theft prior to lawsuit

In new filing, Uber says it was unaware of Waymo data theft prior to lawsuit

In response to a series of questions raised by District Judge William Alsup, Uber said that no one knew any Waymo acquired property information until the company had filed its lawsuit.

To recap: Waymo, automotive drive auto-driving Google Fathers of the alphabet, followed by Uber in the theft of trade secrets, as companies struggle for autonomous vehicles market.

All this happened after Anthony Levandowski, a key engineer who drives the self-driving car Waymo’s efforts, has left the company and founded an independent truck company called Otto, which was later acquired by Uber.

Waymo says, outside his door, Levandowski brought with him several confidential documents related to the patented design of Google Lidar, which they believe were later used in the creation of Uber autonomous personalized driving technology.

There have been several laps along the way, as both companies have prepared document discovery before the scheduled date of the October hearing.

But some of the most controversial battles leading to the trial were if Levandowski unloaded the files before leaving Waymo, whom he could share with and whom Uber’s alleged robbery knew and when.

On this front, Waymo supported qu’Uber knew Levandowski was in possession of material he would not have had, citing Uber deposits to support demand.

This includes a meeting on March 11, 2016, when he told leaders Levandowski Uber, whose CEO Travis Kalanick had about five discs of Waymo material he had discovered.

However, in today’s presentation Uber strongly opposed this argument, saying that he did not know documents Levandowski had stolen from Google or Waymo. Uber contends that his working agreement with Levandowski would not use the same information if he had.

Uber acknowledges Levandowski said he had “discovered” five data on Waymo data owner, but claims he did not know how he came to take possession of it. According to the presentation:

“Levandowski did not tell [Otto Lior co-founder] Ron that he had downloaded all of Google’s proprietary information for an undue purpose or deliberately had information from the Google owner with him when he left Google.

Instead, Levandowski reported that these five albums were still in him since working on Google.

In addition, when this information appeared, Uber Levandowski said the company would do nothing.

As the document says, “a lot Kalanick said Levandowski qu’Uber did not make such information, as Levandowski should not transmit such information to Uber and talk to his lawyer.”

Later in the day, the paper alleges Levandowski told the others that he had destroyed the records in question. As a result, Uber claims that no proprietary information is used in the development of its stand-alone vehicle program.

While the presentation today is the strongest and most complete statement in which Uber proclaimed his innocence in the matter, his struggle is far from over.

According to all indications, it appears that the two companies will continue to go to court in October, with Waymo trying to prove that Levandowski stole information that makes way for Uber’s Uber technology and trying to prove that this is not the case.

Updated: Waymo dispute the Uber account, natch. Legal statement from a Waymo spokesperson below:

“The evidence clearly shows that the stolen information has already made its way into Uber’s technology.We are not convinced by the Uber attempts to move away from a former star engineer.He paid $ 250 million for Uber knowing that he had particular information Waymo.

Instead of doing the right thing, Uber participated in a cover-up, drawing only Mr. Levandowski after his actions were exposed in a dispute. “

Canon’s long awaited 6D Mark II is a huge upgrade, but it’s missing 4K video

Canon’s long awaited 6D Mark II is a huge upgrade, but it’s missing 4K video

Canon’s long awaited 6D Mark II is a huge upgrade, but it’s missing 4K video

Canon updates two of its camera listings today with the announcement of the new 6D Mark II and Rebel SL2. Both look like new solid cameras – the 6D especially because it was planned for longer than these are rumors. But they still lack one of the most requested features: 4K video.

The 6D Mark II $ 1,999 is monitoring the Canon 6D of 2012, an older brother to climb a little cheaper and a little less capable of popular series of Canon 5D. It was a long wait, but judging by the specs, the wait could be worth it when the 6D Mark II goes on sale in July.

MUST WAIT, but Mark II 6D can take the POWER advantage
Almost everything has been updated from the sixth to the second, as you are likely to wait.

It features a new 26.2-megapixel CMOS sensor and uses some of the company’s most advanced internal components, such as the DIGIC 7 image processor. The high-end native ISO range increased to 40,000 from 32,000, which is good , Because the original was already a light 6D light.

The 6D Mark II also uses Canon’s ultra-fast AF-AF pixel AF system and now has 45 cross-point autofocus points, one step not the smallest of the 6D. A relatively fast frame rate of 6.5 frames per second is triggered, but there is a short track: the maximum burst is 21 frames for RAW pictures and 150 frames for JPEG.

Canon has made the rear touch screen 3 inches LCD, and the panel also pivots on the side. But 6D Mark II is also weather-resistant, tied with the seal found on the more expensive 5D Mark IV, according to the canon.

Inside, you will find Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS radios. Canon has done this by adding a few grams of the original 6D weight. In other words, it is a completely modern digital SLR camera – something that the relatively old 6D has not been for years.

The SL2 $ 549 rebel is a substantial improvement for the popular Canon camera that was announced years ago. It has a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and also uses the DIGIC 7 and Dual Pixel AF. The SL2 gains a rotating touch screen, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

If you are interested in using the 6D Mark II or Rebel SL2 video, however, know that both have 1080p at 60 frames per second. There is no 4K video here.

Best wireless router

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The Internet is necessary to everyone to get the information from all across the World. It is essential for every Company to develop and built a proper base for developing the Company in a better way.

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Narendra Modi’s US visit underplayed issues of diaspora; tiptoeing Donald Trump could push away Indian caucus

Narendra Modi’s US visit underplayed issues of diaspora; tiptoeing Donald Trump could push away Indian caucus

Narendra Modi’s US visit underplayed issues of diaspora; tiptoeing Donald Trump could push away Indian caucus

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has just returned from the United States, where he held bilateral talks with the new US President Donald Trump for the first time.

There have been mixed reactions with some analysts describing the trip as very fruitful to reaffirm the faith in the strategic ties between them the collaboration of defense between the two countries and the willingness to fight terrorism together under radical Islam.

But there are others who say, and quite rightly, perhaps, that the journey was devoid of striking and substance.

As the Indian-American professor Amit Gupta recalls this author, there are still five relations between India and the United States: government memory for government; The military-military relationship between Bangalore and Silicon Valley; The one that exists between the Indian students and universities of the United States; And, finally, the one that exists between the Indian Diaspora and India.

Prime Minister image Narendra Modi, United States President Donald Trump and First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump. The image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President of the United States Donald Trump and the first lady of the United States, Melania Trump.
Of these, the first two are those in which the Government of India attributes most of hope, but these are also the most problematic. In fact, relations at the political and military levels – which have increased significantly in recent years – seem to boast a bit.

For example, highly talked about cooperation in equipment purchase and investment defense has its obvious limitations, since India is in the minor leagues for US manufacturers compared to Saudi Arabia, which has signed an agreement of 110 billion Of dollars in arms.

On the other hand, when we talk about US investment in the Indian defense sector, it must be understood that the investable resources are in the private sector of the United States, which, in turn, make their own investment stops, according to With the infrastructure of the beneficiary countries, legal regime, the administrative mechanism and, above all, a broad political consensus on the liberalization of the economy.

And here, India is not up to it. There is another limiting factor: armor industries in India today inability to absorb technology that foreign companies are willing to transfer.

However, the other three parameters of the relationship between India and the United States are very important and have enormous potential to take to the country because they are less complicated. Unfortunately, under Trump’s presidency, there are serious questions about them, but the Trump-Modi discussions seem to have taken care of them properly.

In general, the relationship between Bangalore and Silicon Valley, which among students in India and US universities and between the Indian diaspora and India, means that there is free exchange of finance, technology, and people between India and the United States.

But it is precisely in danger today that the Trump administration imposes restrictions on the issuance of H-1B to the highly skilled Indians, discouraging American companies from investing abroad under the direction of generator jobs for Americans in America and, lastly , Of not doing enough to prevent racial attacks against the life and property of the Indians or those of Indian origin living in the United States.

Immigration policies Trump and the multiplicity of attacks on the Indians in recent months will definitely complement things.

It should be noted that the Indian diaspora to nearly 2.5 million in the US. – comprised of people of Indian origin (IOP) and non-resident Indians, including students, teachers, scientists, technologists – may account for approximately 1% of the total population of the United States, but this is one of the richest and The most qualified in the country.

'Pokemon Go' is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

‘Pokemon Go’ is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

‘Pokemon Go’ is great again, thanks to its sweeping new update

Last week, “Pokemon Go” has received a new update, bringing the radical changes and multiplayer battles expected long from the game.

These changes are only in time: While “Pokemon Go” is approaching its first anniversary, the first mega-hype about the game has almost disappeared. Make no mistake, there are still 65 million active players, including myself, but the game became vague for many – even the first “Pokemon Go” left the game due to the lack of new worlds to conquer.

Fortunately for everyone, the new versions are just what the doctor ordered. While I never stopped playing casually, I upgraded to the street again in my quest to catch them all.

After a year of even a multiplayer player, the new update actually makes “Pokémon Go” again – and paves the way for more interesting things.

The oldest form
The basics of “Pokemon Go” have not changed. Players explore the real world in search of Pokémon that can appear anywhere.

Along the way, players will find Pokestops that distribute useful items when walking near their location and gyms, guarded against the attack of the most powerful Pokémon of another player in a variant of King Hill.

The problem with the original installation is that it gets old quickly. Players soon discovered that only a few Pokémon – usually Dragonite, a rare dragon deviation – were, in fact, statistics needed to keep attackers from getting along in gymnastics.

In addition, players ran to inflate their collections with mega-powerful some copies of these Pokémon, and many choose to cheat to get the biggest and worst monsters.

The net result: players were forced to grind against the same handful of Pokemon for dinner, again and again, just to make a dent in the gym.

And even if they were somehow victorious, these hardcore players would déchausseraient quite instantly. It soon became apparent that it was not worth it, so many players did not get upset.

The new heat
Niantic, the developer of “Pokemon Go” took the time to implement these updates, but obviously they were well treated.

With this update, Pokémon placed in gyms loses “motivation” and thus more combat power is placed in a gym.

If the motivation reset button, the Pokemon is automatically ejected. Motivation can be restored by introducing berries each Pokémon to the gym regularly.

DHS officials announce enhanced security measures for all flights to U.S. but won’t expand laptop ban

DHS officials announce enhanced security measures for all flights to U.S. but won’t expand laptop ban

DHS officials announce enhanced security measures for all flights to U.S. but won’t expand laptop ban

Wednesday US authorities increased security measures and detection of all commercial flights in the US, but have moved away from a proposal to extend the ban to laptops and other electronic devices – unless airlines and Airports refused to comply with the new rules.

Since March, passengers were allowed to fly to the United States. Of some predominantly Muslim countries to carry larger electronic devices like the on-board mobile phone with them. However, these restrictions could be lifted if airlines and affected airports adopt new security protocols, officials said.

Officials at the Ministry of National Security said that airlines and airports are responsible for implementing changes and new communication procedures for travelers.

Officials declined to provide details of the changes, citing security concerns, but said they could include detection of laptops and smartphones improved and improved security protocols around the aircraft and passenger areas.
The hope is that the new requirements would not translate into longer waiting times at security checkpoints or would be prohibitive for airlines and airports to implement.

At a briefing with the press, senior DHS officials indicated that the requirements to “raise the baseline” in aviation security around the world. The guidelines aim to prevent terrorists from all over air safety.

“The time has come to consider the global baseline of aviation security,” said Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly. “We can not play hit-and-run with every new international threat.”

Despite talking about expanding the ban on laptops and other large electronic devices created in March, DHS said that Kelly finally came to the conclusion that threats could be addressed without expanding the ban.

“The good news is we’ve found a way to raise the bar in the world, but at the same time they do not care for travelers,” said Kelly, who announced new security measures at a conference for a New US Security Center.
[Great Britain, United States banned most electronic devices in flight booths to some Muslim countries]

DHS officials said they had “constant contact with our interinstitutional, our industry and our international partners to address evolving threats” and had the common goal of implementing measures that would be a minimum of disruption to travelers.

However, airlines and airports that do not meet the new requirements could face repercussions, including a total ban on all personal electronic devices on flights, including freight; Fines and possible loss of your permit to fly to the United States.

Officials, however, said they expected the vast majority of airlines and airports by the rules. Flights to the United States will not be affected, in part because airports are already using several enhanced security measures that are requested.

DHS officials said they had been in contact with airlines and countries covered by the current ban and that “all these countries had expressed their willingness to comply with these restrictions can be lifted.”

“We are ready to go in and inspect the way they adhere to the new security restrictions,” the official said. “They are the carriers of how quickly you want to move.”