The lavish life and times of Mustafa Dossa, even inside Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail

The lavish life and times of Mustafa Dossa, even inside Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail

The lavish life and times of Mustafa Dossa, even inside Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail

Despite his generosity towards his fellow prisoners Arthur Road had won Mustafa Ahmed Umar Dossa, 57, observing a “Bhai”, his colorful lifestyle earned him the nickname “majnoo” the eternal lover.

Even months before he was convicted in the case of the Mumbai bomb series in 1993, Dossa had traveled with a woman (allegedly his wife) on the train when he was taken to Gujarat for Porbunder to appear in court in a smuggling case .

Similar rumors have often followed Dossa, a diabetic patient and chronic hypertension, left for treatment at JJ Hospital. Dossa survived two women, three sons and two daughters.

Born in a family of oil traders Pydhonie in central Mumbai, Mustafa was the second of Ahmad Umar’s three sons. The Kutchi Memon Dossa clans moved to Pydhonie, Dongri, control of wholesale trade on the Crawford market.

Like his older brother, Mohammad and younger, Haroon Mustafa, too, was a school failure and joined his family business in the early 1970s. However, when Muhammad joined the smuggler Haji Mohammad at the end of Mustafa 1970 followed.

It is said that Muhammad introduced Tiger Memon, (also a major bomb blast accused), the junction of traffic as a driver, to begin with.

Shortly thereafter, Mohammed emigrated to Dubai to join Dawood Ibrahim. Mustafa also fled to the United Arab Emirates in 1988. Underwater observers say that the fortunes of the Dossa family changed after Mohammad Mustafa and have flooded the black market with gold and electronic contraband smuggling Dubai.

The family bought a radio theater near the Crawford market and built the first electronics market in south Mumbai, Manish Market, instead.

In Dubai too, Dossa brothers built one of the largest gold jewelry showrooms in the gold market, called Mignas, which remains the family’s rice bowl, with the exception of Manish’s paid rent income for the Shops in the market.

In fact, the last floor of Manish market was transformed into mosque following the death of Ahmad Umar, as Mustafa.

Ahmad Umar was a follower of Sufism and the mosque for Muslims Barelvi.

Mustafa has played a central role in the conspiracy to avenge the demolition of Babri Masjid in 1992, actively helping smuggling weapons and explosives used in the 1993 series bombings.
The law’s decision expired on March 20, 2003, when he was deported to India and lodged at Arthur’s road for trial in the event of explosions.