NCERT Books with other IAS Exam Books

How to Read NCERT Books with other IAS Exam Books for UPSC Civil Services Exam

If you are preparing for the UPSC Civil Service Review next year, you should refrain from listening, “Read the NCERT texts carefully”. In fact, this statement can not be enough UPSC Civil Services. You can refer to all specialized books needed for the UPSC exams, but be sure to read the NCERT textbooks ideally from class VI to XII first.

NCERT books are THE BEST bOOK e for the preparation of UPSC civilian services. It is very important to read and review NCERT books for the preparation of the IAS exam.

Click on the link below to get a list of the NCERT manuals needed for the UPSC exams

So how are you going to do that? Read on to learn how to use the NCERT manuals to activate the UPSC civil exam.

How can I read the NCERT books for the UPSC exam?

There are two main ways to read NCERT for IAS exams.

Reading by Subject: This method consists of reading the textbook from class VI to class XII for each subject. For example, if you read the story, read the class VI history book and go the way of the class XII book. (Always keep the UPSC program for your reference.) So, in this method, you end up with a topic and then move on to the next topic.

Reading class: In this method, you must first finish all the class VI books of all subjects. Then you go to class VII, class VIII and finally you reach class XII.

Some UPSC veterans recommend that you adopt the subject-based reading method. This is because it is a shorter method. On the other hand, when there is a gap between subjects (as in the class method), they tend to forget more and take more time to re-learn the concepts. But if you feel that you can get bored reading the same subject continuously, you can follow the class reading method. You are an adult and can decide for yourself which method fits your learning style.

Why NCERT textbooks?

NCERT textbooks offer advantages over other books. They are:

The language is simple and uncomplicated. These are books at the school level and therefore are easily understandable.
The information it contains is authentic since it is generally well studied.
Your basic concepts will be clear if you read the NCERT manuals.
Static questions on all articles can be covered by reading these manuals.

How many books must be completed?

Including history, science, geography and political science, you will need to complete 40 to 44 pounds of text before UPSC Civilian Services Review.

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