China Says Area Where Road Being Built Does Not Belong To Bhutan, India

China Says Area Where Road Being Built Does Not Belong To Bhutan, India

China Says Area Where Road Being Built Does Not Belong To Bhutan, India

BEIJING – China today said construction of a road in the Sikkim Donglang sector is “legitimate.” “Donglang has been in China since ancient times and does not belong in Bhutan,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang, told reporters in Beijing.

Donglang is close to a strategic place known as the “chicken neck” linking the northeast with the western region of Siliguri in West Bengal and by extension the rest of India.

“India wants to raise a problem with that part.I must say that it does not belong in Bhutan, or it belongs to India.We have a broad legal basis for it.Construction of the Chinese road project a legitimate and normal action. Country has the right to interfere, “said M. Kang.

He said that Bhutan is a sovereign country universally recognized. “The countries of hope can respect the sovereignty of the country. The border between China and Bhutan is not defined, no third party should intervene in this matter and not comment or irresponsible actions,” said the spokesman of the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

“If a third party of a hidden agenda interferes, it is disrespect for Bhutan’s sovereignty. We do not want to see this, because Bhutan is a country that has the right of sovereignty on the part of the international community,” Kang said.

He said that China opened the Nathu La Pass in the sector of Sikkim in 2015 for Indian pilgrims visit Mount Kailash, because according to China, Sikkim part of the border between India and China is established.

“For a long time, in the interest of relations between India and China, China has provided great comfort to the pilgrims of India. Based on the consensus between the two national leaders and the fact that the border of Sikkim sector Is delimited and recognized by both countries, the Chinese side in 2015 opened the way Nathu India for pilgrims, “he said.

For two years, it worked well and, in fact, also this year, Chinese authorities are prepared to receive pilgrims and the Indians have informed the Indian side of it, he said.
“Now, the suspension of it (the Nathu La block road) is an emergency response to the situation there. I want to emphasize that recovery requires pilgrims pass into the atmosphere and conditions.

So responsibility for the same lies in its entirety on the Indian side and when it will open again depends on when or if the Indian side is going to correct its mistakes, “Kang said.

As for the question of whether progress has been made in the talks between officials of India and China on the subject, Mr. Kang said, “Indian troops crossed the border on the Sikkim side into Chinese territory.

This is different than it was before on the border between India and China. China has made severe against it. India must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China. ”

M. Kang announced the completion of the construction of a road in the sector of Sikkim indicating that the area was “no doubt” that is on the border of the border in accordance with the Sino-British Treaty of Sikkim 1890. “According to the Treaty, ‘Zhe’ is the ancient name of Sikkim,” said M. Kang.

“According to this treaty, the area in which the Indian Army has raised objections is undoubtedly located on the Chinese side of the border,” he said yesterday.

China had yesterday filed a protest with India over the alleged “border crossing” by its troops in the Sikkim sector, and demanded its immediate withdrawal.