What goes around comes around: Ravi Shastri

What goes around comes around: Ravi Shastri

What goes around comes around: Ravi Shastri

MUMBAI: The suspense surrounding the new coach of India finally ended with Ravi Shastri. Shastri – a favorite among players for their communication skills – will join the team during the long tour of Sri Lanka from 19 July. He addressed TOI on Wednesday his plans.

Extracts …
That finally got the paper that has justified that there are almost two seasons …
My job is to continue from where I left off. I am the type of person who does not like to carry unnecessary luggage. This is not the way I have lived my life and I continued my cricket. I like to live in the present and to take each day as it comes.

And I like challenges. The core of the team is the same. The support staff is the same. It is the establishment included myself until mid-2016, of which I know. He had not applied the first time because he did not understand the gravity of the situation.

What made you submit a request again?

I had not really thought about the gravity of the situation. There was nothing personal. I really did not begin to understand the seriousness of this.

But when I sat down and thought seriously, I began to think: this is a unit that belonged and had a great working relationship. I am part of the unit that helped him become number one. I thought that now corresponds to run again in the interest of all involved.

I do not even know what happened to the drama. I will press the update button and start from where I left it.

It comes with communication and clarity of thought. When the person with whom you are dealing is comfortable in both respects, things move very well.

Then, of course, there is a mutual respect that is very important in all professional relationships. It is always a two-lane street. Players should know where to draw the line, too.

What are your views on coaching at the highest level?

At the highest level, cricket players are more or less resolved. It is more important to work with your mental strength, to help build your confidence, which helps you stay organized in your daily activities versus playing with your playing style.

It is not a question of the “tutorer” of everything and tell them what to do and what not to do. There is very little training at the highest level. This is a refinement and a mentoring, effective communication.

There has been a lot of talk about how the captain should call the shots …
Absolutely. He is always the captain of the team and is the leader who has the last word. This is the way he has always worked. The role of a coach is to stay in the background and let the players charge.

Many words have been exchanged between the user and certain members of the Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) …

I am firmly convinced of destiny. I have always believed that what happens happens. Let’s focus on what is happening, not what is left.
You worked with support staff …

The support staff was wonderful. They are there from day one and did a great job.

I will have to sit down with the authorities to find some future time here, especially in relation to support staff. There are many trips and if I am responsible to work with the facility 200 days a year, that is what should work in my reservation, right?

We’ll see. I’ll speak first with Virat and Sanjay (Bangar) and we can call. All I’m going to say right now is that I have the right to call the support staff, as I will work closely with them for the next two years.

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