Rajasthan: 1 killed, 32 injured as protest against gangster Anandpal’s death turns violent

Rajasthan: 1 killed, 32 injured as protest against gangster Anandpal’s death turns violent

Rajasthan: 1 killed, 32 injured as protest against gangster Anandpal’s death turns violent

At least one person was killed and 32 people, including 20 policemen, were injured in the Nagaur district of Rajasthan following a rally organized by Rajput costumes requesting a CBI investigation into the death of gangster Anandpal Singh raped Wednesday night , Officials announced Thursday.

Anandpal died in a meeting with police in Churu district June 24, Anandpal, who belonged to the Rajput Ravana community, was in operation since September 2015, after escaping from custody.

With more than three dozen criminal cases against him, including six for murder, he would have been the most wanted criminal in the state.

Police said Haryana’s Lalchand Sharma was killed in the clashes, and Mahendra Singh, a Jodhpur resident, was seriously injured. Singh was admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital, they added.

The seat of Saanvrad: how the death of a gangster returned a small town of Rajasthan, in a war zone

At the Saanvrad meeting, Rajvest is committed not to vote for the BJP in 2018
“We tried to find more details about Sharma, but it seems that Singh came to the demonstration,” said the Director General of Police (Law and Order) NRK Reddy to Hindustan Times.

A man armed with one of the officers of the Indian Police Service (IPS) was seriously injured. The injured included five officers of the Force Protection Train (FPR).

Several of the wounded were referred to Jaipur for treatment.

A crowd of more than 50,000 people who had gathered for Saanvrad, the village thug, won stones in official vehicles, set fire to a police vehicle and ripped off his arms, Reddy said.

“Three of our weapons are being lost because we suspect the demonstrators managed to grab an AK 47 rifle and two pistols.” Two weapons were snatched from the armed man Nagaur SP Paris Deshmukh, “he added.
“Demonstrators were trying to block the RPF agents inside the outpost and put it on fire. Nagaur SP has reached the force and tried to save them when they overturned and set fire to their vehicle,” he said. The ADG.

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Why the Rajput in Rajasthan erupted in anger against mobster Anandpal

Rajasthan: 20 policemen injured in violence against mafioso’s death becomes violent
Police said the crowd had also tried to attack IPS officer Monika Sain.

“We located Sain after more than an hour and took about two hours to locate all the cops. At present, we are still not sure if the police opened fire after being trapped by the crowd and trying to find the details,” Said a senior police officer.

A curfew was imposed on Saanvrad and Internet connection in the Nagaur district was disrupted.

“We try to obtain more information and take strict measures to maintain the situation of public order.

Rajput groups protested in different parts of Rajasthan, involved in vandalism and blocking roads. Rajput leaders have threatened the government and said that the community would give an adequate response to the Bharatiya Janata Party in the elections.

Lokendra Singh Kalvi, founder of the Shree Rajput Karni Sena, one of the groups requiring ICC probe, asked the members of the community to walk to Jaipur.

“A body could not be dealt with before the government could not agree on the ICC probe and now another person has died,” Kalvi told HT.

“The myopia of the government led to the violence that occurred on Wednesday. There is anger in Rajput and that is why I asked them to walk to Jaipur,” he added.

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