Mob attacks Noida housing society over missing maid

Mob attacks Noida housing society over missing maid

Mob attacks Noida housing society over missing maid

Noida: A mob armed with sticks and stones stormed a housing business in Noida Wednesday morning, believing that one of its neighbors, a 30-year-old woman working as a maid, had been held captive and beaten after Having been accused of robbery.
During a modern Mahagun three-hour siege, welcoming 2,000 families in Zone 78, the crowd led to the company wall and the guards enclosure with stones and concrete pieces. Some of them broke through and vitiated the apartment of merchant naval officer Mitul Sethi, where housekeeper Zohra Bibi worked.

The 35-year-old Sethi-Mitul family, his wife Harshu, 32, and his son Aryan-7, who was the target of the Mahagun Moderne attack, locked themselves in the bathroom when part of the audience went from one room to another in Looking for the lady, Zohra, and shattered the house.

The violence, which began around 6am, stopped when Zohra was found, not in Sethis, but in an apartment on the 25th floor of a nearby tower, the house of an elderly woman known as Zohra while working in several apartments in the society.

At that time, the company looked like a war zone with a huge crowd gathered outside and a contingent of riot police to return.

Residents said the crowd and the guards tried to prevent them from entering the company they fought in a camped battle, which intensified when police arrived on the scene nearly two hours later.

However, there were no reports of significant injuries. Seth moved to the parents’ place for the time being.

Zohra was accused by Sethis to steal his money. Her husband Sattar, however, claimed that Seth was due to his Rs 12,000, his salary for two months. Police have initiated investigations on the basis of two FIRs – one presented by Mitul Sethi in which 300 unknown persons were reserved for riots and vandalism, and the other was filed against Abdul Sattar Sethis accusing them of confinement.

There were also allegations that Zohra, who worked for Seth for six months, was an illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, but police said it was wrong and had all the necessary documents.

Mitul Sethi is a merchant marine captain and his wife runs a Harshu Noida to play school. Zohra, who worked in her apartment in the Manchester-5 tower, lives in a nearby neighborhood, with Sattar and her three children.

Sattar said he had gone to work around 7:30 on a Tuesday morning to work around 7:30 on Tuesday but did not return home at the usual time at night. Around 8pm, Sattar visited the company to investigate and found the registration Zohra registers in the company, but not his records of exit.

With two guards, Sattar visited the Sethis apartment, where he was told that Zohra had started the night after being confronted for stealing money from the Harshu handbag.

Later Harshu told TOI that Rs 17,000 had disappeared and Zohra had admitted the theft of 10,000 rupees during a confrontation. He also said that Zohra had left the house when he was told that Harshu plaignerait to the management of the company.

When he could not find his wife, Sattar phoned 100 for help. A police team visited the company at 10pm, swept Sethis apartment, Zohra did not find there and left.
Sattar was not convinced. He returned to poor neighborhoods and called a meeting. The next morning he took the crowd from 300 to modern.

Dharmendra Rathore, a resident of Milano Torre, said he had gone for a walk in the morning at 6 am when he saw the crowd at the gates of the company. “They claimed that the lady was gone.” Some residents of the society gathered there, but we were surnumération.We managed the situation somehow, “he said.

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