SpaceX will try for third Falcon 9 launch in less than two weeks

SpaceX will try for third Falcon 9 launch in less than two weeks

SpaceX will try for third Falcon 9 launch in less than two weeks

After consecutive launches over the weekend, SpaceX could begin its next Falcon 9 mission at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida Sunday with a high power Intelsat communications satellite.

Sunday take-off depend on the ability of the SpaceX launch team to prepare for the 39SC KSC start bar for another flight after the success of The June 23 bombing number of Falcon 9 with the first communications satellite belonging to Bulgaria.

A typical automatic unloading test of the nine Merlin 1D Falcon 9 engines is scheduled for Thursday.

An Intelsat spokesman confirmed Tuesday that the weather release window Sunday will open at 7:36. EDT (2336 GMT). If the flight took off on Sunday, it will be SpaceX’s third launch in just over nine days.

The Intelsat 35a satellite built by Boeing, designed for broadband data transmission, Ultra subscriptions and high definition television services for mobile and government customers will be the Sunday payload on the mission. Intelsat 35 is the fourth satellite in the epic Intelsat series with a fully digital communication payload that can be reconfigured by controllers on the ground for fast response to market demands.

35a Intelsat to replace the communications satellite Intelsat 903 at 34.5 degrees west of the position of the operator in geostationary orbit, when the speed of a spacecraft is the rotation of the Earth, which allows a telecommunications station to remain in a Fixed place Intelsat 903 was launched in March 2002 aboard a Russian Proton rocket.

The satellite will provide transatlantic communications links, reach out to customers throughout Latin America, the eastern United States and Canada, Africa and Europe.

SpaceX a pair of Falcon 9 launches from the Kennedy Space Center and Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. Consecutive flight, which took off on Friday and Sunday, respectively, including the landing of the first stage of Falcon 9 on an offshore drone.

The Friday launch of Florida with the transmission satellite BulgariaSat 1 It used a first stage Falcon 9 before, while Sunday’s mission Vandenberg was propelled by a new rocket. The Domingo Intelsat flight will also use a new manufacturing momentum.

Intelsat 35a heavyweight satellite should prevent resumption of Sunday’s first stage.

SpaceX will take a longer break between the launches of Intelsat after the flight, with the next Falcon 9 mission scheduled for August 10 Florida with the next Dragon refueling spacecraft to the International Space Station.

This will be followed by at least two Falcons 9 later in August, one more in Florida with the fifth flight of the United States Air Force X-37B space plane and with the Vandenberg Taiwan mission FORMOSAT satellite 5 Earth.

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