Force India Formula One, India’s team at the pinnacle of motorsports, Formula One along with Gitanjali Lifestyle, India’s premier jewellery and lifestyle retailer, brought alive the excitement, style and glamour of Formula One at a glamorous and star-studded exclusive evening, Speed Nights VIP Access. The evening flagged off on an adrenalin­pumping note, as speed-crazy fans rooted for the Force India team following which Bliss unveiled their collection.

The live screening of the Belgian Grand Prix on a massive screen saw Formula One fans come together to cheer for Force India. The gathering closely resembled a race paddock with all eyes glued to the screen, with beer and hors d’oeuvres doing the rounds, as the fans caught on the frenzy of the enthralling event. The race came to a memorable finish as Giancarlo Fisichella of Team India brought laurels to the country with a stupendous podium finish!

Force India’s victory was followed by a celebration of the slice of high life with the launch of Bliss along with
designer Nishka Lulla’s latest sports collection. Seen scorching the ramp were super models Candice Pinto, Alicia Raut, Urvashi Sharma and Mridula Chandrashekhar amongst others.

Also a part of this glittering evening was the swish set of Mumbai including Neeta Lulla, Viveka Babajee, Kingfisher Calendar girls Dipti Gujral and Shruti Sharma.


Design Warz, the first ever pan- India interior designing competition, the only credible platform to showcase Indian talent in the field of interior design both in the B-to-B and the B-to-C segments, was held recently. This is also the only platform to offer representations from thousands of people enthusiastic about designing.

Noted actress Tisca Chopra and famous fashion designer Nisha Jamwal graced the competition. Commenting on this first of its kind competition in India, Rajeev Banerjee (VP, IPR 360 Degrees Alternate

Brand Solutions India Limited) sa : “Design Warz provides a platfor- : all those interior designers asp to make it big in this profess : offering a uniform opportunit. x professionals as well as professionals to exhibit their tale*

Jury members included F = Chavan, (chairperson, HID, Mumci Prof Prasad Badle, Rachana Sar; ; Mumbai and Rajan Subhs-i: principal architect, RSA.

Supporting the show were ‘ sponsor Asis, one of India’s pre- – interior solutions bra-:: manufactured by Shirdi Industry Ltd, and associate sponsor S ~~ International, India’s largest des :_– kitchen company.

Asis is a one-stop-shop for £ requirements in interior design -: Being the market leaders in the 5- B segment, Asis is launcn-p readymade furniture and come £ – solutions for designing homes as < a as office spaces. The brand :~_s finds this property an apt platfo^— i launch the new venture.

Sleek International is a pionea – designers kitchens in India. The., s have an extensive training modu e is training fresh designers and the- :>«• dealers to understand the intrica: of modular kitchen designs. Des Warz is the first-of-its-kind inre­design competition on television. Its concept and forms- unique. The property takes off the initial rounds of scouting fo- right talent today in Mumbai Is and Pune to make teams comp- s one professional and one ~c professional talent from all over he The top-nine teams make it to lr finale and battle it out compe: through various assignments dur-c gruelling tenure of 21 days whim- captured as a seven-episode res series.

Design Warz is lent credibil r. i


knowledge expertise by MID – the Indian Institute of International Design, the most credible body in the field of interior designing and a member of the IFI-International Federation of Interior Architects/ Interior Designers and the APSDA- Asia Pacific Space Designers Association, and an associate of the JDF-Japan Design Foundation.

The winning team victorious after crossing all hurdles gets return tickets to London and also gets to experience the very prestigious Milan fair of interior designing.


The Photographers’ Guild of India (PGI) recently hosted the preview of Exhibit ‘A’at Tao Art Gallery. Exhibit ‘A’ was a photographic exhibition of personal images created by India’s foremost advertising photographers, assistants and students. The photographic series represented the soul of the artists, driven purely by zeal and instinct and not by the rigid guidelines of commercial/advertising photography.

Seen exhibiting their works were photographers like Atul Kasbekar, Jimit Shah, (Convener of Exhibit ‘A), Jaideep Oberoi, Sameer Parekh, Avinash Gowarikar,

Jatin Kampani, Bhairavi Parekh, Altaf Khan, Parag Savla, Mahesh Hiremath, Riddhibrata Burman, Vishesh Verma amongst others.

Guests Arjun and Shefali Khanna were seen appreciating the assistants’ and students’ work along with Kalpana Shah, owner of Tao Art Gallery; Dipannita Sharma, Rashmi Nigam, Kim Jagtiani, Dolly Thakore, Ashwini Kakkar, Suleiman and Reshma Malhotra, Vipasha Agarwal with photographer husband Vishesh Verma (who was also exhibiting his work),

Jimit Shah, Convener, Exhibit A with Bhairavi Parekh

Viren Shah, Sumeet Chopra, Jitesh Kallat, Emmanuel Balayer, Arjun Bhasin, Keith Fernandes and many more.

Exhibit ‘A’ was conceptualised with the intention of showcasing “photography as a fine art form”. The aim was to promote photography and the sale of photographic images. In the last seven years, Exhibit A’ has become an annual fixture. The event attracts a large number of art enthusiasts across various age and socio-economic backgrounds.

Atul Kasbekar (chairman, PGI), said, “Exhibit ‘A’is an event where all we photographers exhibit our work together under one roof and it is also an opportunity for the students to exhibit their work with known names in the industry. This exhibition is basically to promote photography as an art form and to promote photography amongst youngsters as a career.”

With over 300 members, PGI is

the largest and most respected a:: in Indian professional photogr;;- industry. It represents the intec: of not only professo*^ photographers but also those p students, industry partners ~ institutional members,

advantages of becoming a me of PGI are manifold. The ac promotes a constructive dia a; m among advertising, publishing other industry groups. It a ~ e a educate its members th^r.jJ business seminars, workshops stm special events featuring prom -■=* experts from related industries = 3 recognises              excellence

photography through exhibition; award programmes.


Dr Rajesh Rajput, an e- – aesthetic and hair transom surgeon, Dr L H Hirana-ce- Hospital, was invited b> ~m. International Society for -am Restoration (ISHR), Ams:e to represent the results : ■ cyclical treatment for ha – management and imp-: results in hair transplant

Hair restoration su-ganJ from 20 countries particiss s: – the ISHR meeting to disc.;.; me scenario of hair restora:;- J their countries. Dr Rajput ; We’ vice-president of the Asses fv of Hair Restoration Su’s^mJ India and the only Indiar :: to represent India at a : a council ISHR meeting.

voluntary organisation or _ 700 hair restoration doc; was founded in 1993 as international society to p’ continuing quality impri and education for profess in the field of medica restoration surgery. Dr = Rajput is the first Indiar published a hair loss tr regimen in the Hair Tra Forum – USA which :s official journal of the ISH- Dr Rajput has cor* lectures, workshops, s



for prestigious associations of dermatology, cosmetology, plastic surgeons, aesthetic surgeons and various branches of the Indian Medical Association. He is the first specialist to prove that hereditary hair loss can be successfully treated in all cases at all ages and at all grades of hair loss.


Vani Tripathi is the national secretary of the BJP Youth Wing. At the very young age of 29, Vani has involved herself in multiple avenues. An activist working on issues related to youth and women, she has actively participated in leadership programmes in India and abroad.

She has been a part of the Asia 21 Young Leaders Forum of the Asia Society and also recently received the Global Leadership Award for 2008 from the Washington India Chair. She has done extensive work on Wild Life Conservation all over world which also made her an activist of cruelty to animals. BBC projects based on various themes became a part of her life.

An actor and teacher with the National School of Drama and a well- known theatre artist, who has performed the famous literary works of Anton Chekov, Peter Shatter Tennessee Williams, Aurthur Miller and Electra, she has also been a part of the Hindi film industry and television industry and has worked with directors like Mahesh Bhatt, Raman Kumar, and Aziz Mirza.

Barkha ‘n’ Sonzal is a label that designs clothes just for men. It caters to making a man look regal, classy and elegant through their clothes.

They design traditional and western wear like bundhgalas, sherwanis, suits, jodhpuris, etc, pret as well as couture and even all kinds of accessories for men like jewellery, belts, wallets, etc.

Sonzal, at 23, has graduated from the London College of Fashion, and also learnt the art of make-up from St Martins in London. Her designs during her school years were often published in the London school magazines, and her creations were often put up at the gallery for a long time. She has also worked under one of the best designers of India, Arjun

Khanna. Her technical expe :-e and imaginative experiment r help her to create innovt- e pieces with her sister.

Barkha, 20, is a designer dancer. With a BSc degree Purdue University, USA, she «ei also selected for a furr.i design research progra—e course for Christies, New ‘•: -l She has worked and desg-tB with various tribes of India. SdjiI Africa, parts of Europe, Ame- . i. Egypt, etc as well as learnt re* local dances. She is ais: kalaripaiyattu artist. She *; s studied the various weaves re looms of textiles, as we sm interior decoration, incorporates her inspra: r through dance, mythological stories espe: a v Amar Chitra Katha, De~- n dancing, martial arts, crafts a- J music in the clothes createc »mr her sister.

The sisters, born and br: _ r* up in South Mumbai, are r Kashmiri-Gujarati origin with ~-el names meaning rain and ran respectively.Their forte include; : n and zardosi work as well as crem cuts that flatter the body of a – r_ making him look handsome snJ regal.

Their impeccable finishing is r ~M that the outfits can be worn ns r-d out. Yohji Yamamoto, VivenJ Westwood and Alexander McG.^ad are some of the iconic designs; na have inspired them.

Barkha and Sonzal have lJ launched their label, but the. * = e designed for celebrities like ra world-famous pianist F Clayderman, santoor maest: ; Shivkumar Sharma, Rahul She~ J and even a celebrities *■ Bollywood.

They have their studio a’: soon going to supply to a col; e at stores here in Mumbai as we ; ■ London and LA.

Their collection is callec ‘Dance of the Warrior’ and repree-e ti the elegance of the warrior c; ical that dances through life witr rjj and strength.



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